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About Us




Dave Neighbors grew up around the family coffee business. When Dave was old enough to drive, he worked after school as a coffee route representative. He had a passion for great coffee and knew he wanted to be in the coffee business. In 1980, Dave started Executive Coffee Service in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The service was a customer oriented, professional coffee service that delivered quality products and service in the Tulsa area.

Executive Coffee Service became known for its great coffees and products, and for its professional service. Seeing the success of Executive Coffee and the need for quality coffee prompted the development of the “Java Dave’s Coffee House” concept.

The origin of the “Java Dave’s Coffee House” is an original American success story. For decades, Java Dave’s has been roasting award winning coffees from around the world.

Our gourmet coffee is produced from 100% Arabica beans, and selected from altitudes between 2,000 and 4,000 ft. Upon their arrival at our roastery in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the beans are hand roasted and flavored. Our specialized roasting and flavoring produces a final product ranging in color from a light American roast, to our darkest French Roast, and boasts award winning “Snickerdelicious” and “Frangelico Crème” among other sensational flavors

With an exceptional line of products and an observable increase in demand for gourmet coffee, Dave knew it was time to expand his vision. In preparation, he developed a unique line of beverages ranging from mochas and lattes, to cappuccinos and cocoas.

In 1988, the first retail store opened in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Customers embraced the “Coffee House” concept, frequenting the establishment to sample Specialty Drinks, and purchase gourmet coffee in bulk. This warm reception along with undeniable success led Dave to pursue the next level… franchising.

In 1993, David trademarked a fresh and original logo with eye catching appeal to attend the popular “Java Dave’s” name. His new franchise system provided coffee roasting and flavoring, as well as his unique line of Specialty Drinks and retail logo products to franchisees exclusively, for ten years.

In March 2003, the Java Dave’s Franchise System began it’s conversion into a licensing opportunity. Our past growth has now led us to be able to offer a proven product and a popular brand to business owners or entrepreneurs without the expensive costs of franchising. Licensees DO NOT pay royalties, advertising fees, or franchise fees. The only cost up front is a $499.95 licensing fee, renewable every five years.

In the first few months, many licensees have benefited from the freedom the licensing opportunity presents. Java Dave’s licensed locations include major fast food locations, university hot spots, casinos, international airports, and even co-branded locations with food concepts.

Java Dave’s Coffee is a great way to add branding and sales to coffeehouses that desire a fresh appeal. Java Dave’s fresh roasted coffees, blended and flavored teas, frozen Davios drink mixes coupled with logo pump pots, logo cups, logo menu boards, signage and posters promote a professional, fun, coffeehouse hotspot.

After all these years Java Dave’s is still roasting award winning coffees and has even been awarded the “Golden Cup Award” by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Our Executive Coffee Service has continued to grow and expand into 4 states, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas. Dave has even created a water filtration company named “Arctic Falls Water”. The company is a division of Java Dave’s Executive Coffee and rents and services water filtration machines. We offer quality water filtration for coffee, tea, espresso or any water source. We are very proud of our products, our customer service and of course our employees. To summarize we are “Bringing Coffee To Life”!

After six generations of producing and selling the finest coffees from around the world. I would like to invite you to try our exceptional products, service and equipment.

We strive to earn your business.

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