Get  the most our of your single serve

Get the most our of your single serve

Posted by Ashley Neighbors-Massey on Apr 17th 2017

Just like anyone else, I enjoy the convenience of single serves however, I also get that not everyone is sold on the cost, as well as, the waste of the container when you're done making the cup. Java Dave's Coffee in Tulsa, Oklahoma has now been producing single serve coffees for over a year. I know first hand that our single serve coffees are some of the freshest on the market we are using a top quality product and currently ; packing in a 100% PP 5 that is a 100% recyclable cup. I also know that single serves are still a little higher than a traditional pot of coffee and not everyone recycles the single serve. So that leads us to the question, what is a good solution for the people that like a single serve coffee without the cost and the waste? ;With just a few extra steps, it is still possible to have the zero waste of a single serve and save a few cents and be what some might call more sustainable. Here is how. Is it worth is? We will let you be the judge.

Grab your favorite 12 oz Java Dave's Coffee

Grind it on fine (we can do this in house if needed)

Measure out between 9-11 grams of coffee in your refillable cup -anymore tends to overfill your machine, we also recommend using a separate one for flavored coffee.

Brew coffee

Clean coffee grounds out of filter


1 oz =28.3495 grams

28.3495 grams = 2 cups of coffee @10 grams

2 cups of coffee per 1 oz

12 oz x 2 cups = 24 cups

$9.49/24 = .40 per cup

You will have some coffee left over in your bag at 10 grams

Price break down Java Dave's Blend 12 oz = 9.49