Executive Coffee Service FAQ



Executive Coffee Service FAQ 

When you are making the decision to have Java Dave's Executive Coffee Service we want you to have 100% confidence your making the right choice.  This is why we offer a list of the most frequently asked questions with complete and thorough answere hear.

We want you to feel that you are getting one of the best products possible and have no doubt about what Java Dave's Coffee is bringing to you.  What questions you don't see here or if the answers aren't as thorough to you, give us.


Q.  What does it cost a business to a have a commercial brewer installed?

A.  As long as your company buys at least 1 case of coffee per month there is no rental fee.  Either way we don't charge an install free. 


Q. How do I know when my route sale representative will be scheduled to service and restock our products?

A.  The schedule return date is printed right on your last invoice. If you need something delivered before your scheduled date please call us.


Q.  Does Java Dave's sell any products other then Coffees & Teas?

A.  Yes, Java Dave's handles all kinds of beverages, like hot cocoa, apple cider, soda pop, bottled water, instant cappuccinos, K-cups ext.  We also offer allied products such as creamers, sugars, stir sticks, flavored creamers, Splenda and serveral other condiments.  If you businss nees paper products we offer a full line of coffee, cups paper towels, toilet paper and more.  Don't forget we also offer water machines, and even offer single cup coffee mchines please be sure to check out or online brochure!


Q.  Do I have to sign a contract to use your service?

A.  No, If we can’t keep you with our quality of coffees and service we can’t keep you with a piece of paper.


Q.  Are my purchases I make for my business tax deductible?

A.  Usually restaurants and convenient stores are tax exempt. But if your business is not tax exempt your purchases are usually tax deductible.


Q.  What states do you offer service in?

A. We offer Java Dave’s Executive Coffee Service in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas.